Emergency Dentist in the Columbus, Ohio Area

Are you needing an emergency dentist in Columbus, Ohio? Worthington Pediatric Dentists can help with all of your dental emergencies. We are experienced and knowledgeable in everything from orthodontics to general oral hygiene, and everything in between. Our dentists offer nothing but the best care for your children. With this care, you can expect the best treatment for your child - every time and all of the time.

At Worthington Pediatric Dentists, painless procedures are our top priority for your child. Tooth pains can happen suddenly and without a true source of where it came from. Using the most advanced technology in the industry, Worthington Pediatric Dentists can address the issue with extreme precision. Our emergency dentists in Columbus, Ohio use a variety of technologies to determine the exact cause of your child's pain. With digital x-rays, we are able to track down any infection that may have occurred out of nowhere. From here we can take the correct steps to fix the issues.

Another problem that can arise would be a cavity that has reached its way to the pulp. In these instances, an emergency dentist in Columbus, Ohio should be contacted immediately. This will cause severe pain to your child and will oftentimes require a root canal. Symptoms can include extreme pain, swelling, and an extreme sensitivity to heat and cold, as well as sweets, but in rare instances there may be no symptoms at all. At Worthington Pediatric Dentists, we can address these issues and take corrective measures to make sure that the tooth is fixed properly.

Not sure if your child is needing an emergency dentist in Columbus Ohio? It is better to be safe than let a small issue turn into something that requires more treatment. Contact Worthington Pediatric Dentists at 614-888-3212 to receive immediate care.


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