Emergency Dental in Columbus, Ohio

Worthington Pediatrics Dentists offer emergency dental services in the Columbus, Ohio area. Has your child been experiencing extreme pain and discomfort? Or have they recently knocked out a tooth by accident? Our dentists provide the best care for your child. We understand that seeing a dentist, for a child, can be a scary experience. Because of that, we treat your child with the best care possible.

Are you unsure of what consists of an emergency dental visit? In instances where you are unsure, it is best to contact Worthington Pediatric Dentists immediately. Contacting us the moment pain occurs can help to prevent a problem that may become much more severe if not treated right away. Some issues to be aware of would be discomfort or pain in a tooth, or a sudden loss of a tooth. Pain can arise from a number of different things. Sometimes, the issue is as simple as food being lodged in the tooth or gums. In these cases, try to remove the food using a toothbrush or toothpick. If this does not ease the pain or there is no food stuck in the teeth, contact Worthington Pediatric Dentists as soon as possible.

If pain persists, oftentimes it can be a symptom of a cavity. If cavities are not treated right away, an emergency dental visit in Columbus, Ohio may be needed. Cavities can be aggressive, and if they are not treated right away, they can lead to a root canal. Root canal operations clear out the infection in the cavity and prevent it from causing more issues. With the use of advanced technology, we can find a cavity and treat it before there is need for a root canal.

For emergency dental care in Columbus, Ohio, please contact Worthington Pediatric Dentists at 614-888-3212.


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