Dental Emergency in the Columbus, Ohio Area

Have you or a child of yours faced a dental emergency in the Columbus, Ohio area? Or do you have questions about what a dental emergency consists of? In these cases, it is best not to take a chance and shirk off any types of pain that your child is experiencing. Worthington Pediatric Dentists has helped thousands of patients experiencing severe and sudden tooth and mouth pains. With our combined experience we are able to help with all of your child's tooth pains and problems.

Not sure of what types of issues need emergency dental care? If your child is experiencing severe toothaches, make sure that the child does not have any food lodged in their teeth. Often times, this can irritate the gums around the tooth and cause extreme discomfort. If this is the case, use a soft tooth brush to see if you can get the piece of food out of the mouth. If this does not help the pain, please contact Worthington Pediatric Dentists in the Columbus, Ohio area for any dental emergency.

With the amount of energy that kids have, it is not a surprise if they lose a tooth or two. In these instances, recover the tooth and contact Worthington Pediatric Dentists as soon as possible. Your child will experience extreme pain from the loss of a tooth and emergency dental care may be needed. Not a complete tooth loss? Often times, children can chip their teeth instead of knocking it completely out. This can also cause an extreme amount of pain, and your dentist should be contacted immediately.

At Worthington Pediatric Dentists, we use the most advanced technology to help with any dental emergency, including digital imaging tools. With the most advanced technology, we are able to determine the exact cause of your child's pain and can fix the issue accordingly.

If you have a dental emergency in the Columbus, Ohio area, please contact Worthington Pediatric Dentists at 614-888-3212.


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