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Developing good dental habits is easiest at an early age. But the mythical fear associated with dentist visits is very real, and most children absolutely detest going to the dentist. That is why at Worthington Pediatrics, we strive to be the most child friendly of all dental clinics in Columbus Ohio. We focus on sincerity and compassion, and provide only the highest quality care, to ensure your child has a great dental experience.

Each and every treatment plan is custom made to suit the needs and wants of each individual patient. There is no one size fits all, and every child has specific needs. Finding a quality kids dentist is about much more than the services rendered, but how they are rendered. By building trust between dentist and child, comfort and relaxation follows, allowing for a far more satisfactory and tear-free experience. Our staff always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone, child and parent, leaves our office with a smile.

We are a full-service office, competitive in services offered among dental clinics in Columbus Ohio. Our patients range in age from 6 months to early adulthood, and we offer a comprehensive list of dental services from simple cleanings and fillings to tooth extractions, orthodontics and sedation dentistry.

The nervousness involved with visiting the dentist no longer needs to hinder your child's oral health. Dental sedation is a technique used to calm a patient who suffers from anxiety or phobia related to the dentist office. Nitrous Oxide, or "laughing gas" is an effective way to calm the nerves, and combined with local anesthetic can eliminate pain and discomfort.

Worthington Pediatrics is among the best dental clinics for children in the Columbus Ohio area.



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